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UC San Diego's Beautiful Campus

It's hard to deny the beauty of UC San Diego's beachside campus. Located just off the coast of the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, California, our 1,200-acre university campus enjoys sunshine and cool ocean breezes almost every day of the year. Learn more at https://admissions.ucsd.edu/why/location/index.html
Xiaoxuan Zhang : Hope I can live on campus soon
Shaleen Sunesara : Gorgeous!!

Why UC San Diego

Visit https://admissions.ucsd.edu/why/index.html to learn more about what make UC San Diego special.
sanjeet brar : Honestly, I love this place already. Hopefully I get in!
Jenna Hall : I just got an email from them and I might just be freaking out and hopefully I will be co'25. Any one have tips?
Edward Pineda : Why did I get this email, I'm a junior
Elena K : I got waitlistEd and then got in. BuT you guys are giving me a week to make my life decision
andrina_xx_ Z : class of 2024
Saksham Rai : Got In, Class of 2024
Piplup MF : more like 300+ days of depression amiright?
Piplup MF : fk this school no Kapp
John Smith : Because I hate social contact and already have romance manga for relationships.

David Horowitz Brilliantly Exposes Muslim Student's True Intentions - UC San Diego

At the University of California San Diego David Horowitz was hosted by Young Americans for Freedom. Leftists and Social Justice Activists ask Horowitz questions at an event where secular progressives join hands with theocratic fascists to push the propaganda of identity politics. At UCSD 5/10/2010 ...Visit the Horowitz Freedom Center Website at www.frontpagemag.com
saurabh goenka : People like these tend to get fucked in the ass . . That's what happened here..David your a genius
Yoshi0 : He was somewhat answering her question then interrupted him pointing back to his question which ended up as a big oopsies for her.
Peter Evans : And that's Islam for you.
Michael Tarren Scott : This is Islam.
Information Warfare : A fox in the hen house.
Julian Ortega : Bitch.
Gorakhnath : Interesting & Deep.
Ahmed Mohammad : I'm Muslim and I'm terrified by what she said. But also very terrified by this comments section.
that Guy : She wants to be part of the 4th kingdom.
-- : She needs to get the fuck out. I would punch her out.
We need to purge trash like her from America.




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